Terms and Conditions

Subscription Service

‘Teaching Indonesian Resources’ is a resource subscription service.

Once subscribed to ‘Teaching Indonesian’ the subscriber will have access to printable resources provided on the ‘Teaching Indonesian Resources’ site.

Subscription is gained by:
  • Payment through direct bank transfer, ‘PayPal,’ ‘Stripe’ completing an online offer or by requesting an invoice.

The Subscription becomes active once payment is received and processed. 

  • The subscription will activated within 24 hours of payment, once log in details have been verified.
  • A schools subscription allows up to three email accounts from one school to have access to the resources provided on ‘Teaching Indonesian Resources’. Excess of three email accounts and a new subscription must be purchases. 
  • Teaching Indonesian reserves the right to refuse a subscription to anyone inside or outside of Australia.  

Each email account will be given their own username and password.

  • This is a resource based subscription. The subscription fee allows the subscription holder access to resources on the 'Teaching Indonesian Resources' site.  
  • Resources may include items such as, worksheets, posters, word cards, classroom decoration, and activities.  
  • Subscription is provided for 12 calendar months from date of payment. 
  • The subscription must be renewed by this date, otherwise, the account will be suspended for 30 days. If the subscription is not renewed the account and all information will be deleted

Profiles and users

  • In Subscribing to ‘Teaching Indonesian Resources’ the subscriber will be provided an account. 
  • The subscriber will choose their own ‘username’ and ‘password’. 
  • The subscriber will manage their own username, password and resetting of their password.


  • ‘Teaching Indonesian Resources’ will never share with or provide subscriber details to third-party providers. 
  • ‘Teaching Indonesian Resources’ is hosted by ‘Kajabi.com’, and is under Kajabi and terms of service and privacy.
  • ‘Teaching Indonesian Resources’ uses a business plan provided by Kajabi.com. As such, all security privacy protection is proved by Kajabi.com.

Cancelation of Subscription

  • In the event of cancellation of subscription; During the subscription period. The account will remain active for 12 months. After this date the account will be deleted. 
  • If you cancel at the conclusion of the subscription period. The account and all information will be deleted. 


  • All images used in the resources provided resources have been purchased under a licensing agreement. Please see the ‘Images’ page for Artist details and info. 
  • All clipart in the resources have been ‘locked’ to the documents. These are flattered files and cannot be ‘cut,’  ‘copied’ or used separately. 


  • All resources are produced by Natasha Sharpe and are subject to copyright. Reproduction or resale of the resources provided is prohibited under Australian copyright law ‘Copyright Act 1968’. 
  • Images used in many documents have been purchased under a licensing agreement, as such, can be used in ‘works’ produced by Natasha Sharpe for ‘Teaching Indonesian’, for commercial sale, such as a subscription, giving a 'user' access to 'works'.